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Toilet CubicleThe excellent design of the system combined

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Colour Chart.Various Colour to Suit Your Need

We can produce - Size : 1220mm x 2440mm | 1829mm x 2440mm | 1829mm x 3658mm
thickness: 3mm - 25mm

PCB 010 Titan White PCB 011 White Beige PCB 012 Light Beige PCB 033 Light Grey
PCB 044 Dark Grey PCB 055 Pink PCB 066 Ocean Blue PCB 067 Warm Blue
PCB 068 Dark Blue PCB 077 Green PCB 078  PCB 088 Light Brown
 PCB 099 Bright Yellow  PCB 111 Orange  PCB 115 Red  

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About Panel Cube Builders.Smart People Make Smarter Choice

Introduction - Toilet Cubicles, Washroom Cubicles, Restroom Cubicles

PANEL CUBE BUILDERS is upcoming brand in Toilet Cubicle System and Toilet Partitioning System and Washroom Cubicles & Restroom Cubicles. Made using Compact Grade Solid Laminates used as the main partitioning material which is fixed using varieties of sections and different types of hardware.

PANEL CUBE BUILDERS- The new age concept of washroom decor High on aesthetics & low on cost, a fast & flexible system completing today’s contemporary washroom needs. Completely eliminating the bulky, messy brick & tile concept and enabling more space. PANEL CUBE BUILDERS besides being waterproof, allows you the freedom of design & blends into any decor with an array of colors. Exclusively exported to Asia country and distributed across in whole Malaysia.


PCB is a leading supplier and installer of washroom panel products in the Malaysia. PCB-An extensive range of toilet cubicles and washroom systems are available on a manufacture and supply basis - all designed to allow for simple installation by any competent tradesperson. Both standard and made to measure products are offered to provide you with a solution to any washroom project.

Whether it's office washrooms, commercial washroom, leisure changing cubicles, school washrooms...any type of washroom or toilet area, PCB can supply and install.

PCB Toilet Cubicles System compromises of 10 mm or more thickness high density compact grade decorative laminates which is Water Resistant  and Impact Resistant.

All our products are used as per architectural design to create urinal partition, toilet partitions, shower cubicles, change room cubicles and lockers. This comes with varieties of options in sections and hardware suit to customer esthetic requirement and budget.


Advantages of Toilet Cubicle, Washroom Cubicle and Shower Cubicles:

* A profound spacious appeal with an extremely amazing combination of science & beauty.
* Easy on your senses & a charm to use.
* Hyper-advance Designs
* No wet work involved. Helps reduce load and also saves on space compared to brick wall partitions. 
* Fast pace of installation (last in first out).
* Top & bottom gaps not only ensure air ventilation but also aid zero water & dust logging or simply put - high hygiene standards.
* Safe & easy to handle by children & the handicapped.

resistant to steam stability Range of colours cigarette burn resistant
Water resistant flexibility in design and space impact resistant  


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